About Us


From kolos to Kusturica, the band has performed with Šaban Bajramovic and played and studied with many other legendary Roma musicians from Eastern Europe.
Five-time invited guest at the Dragačevo Brass Festival in Guča, Serbia, Zlatne Uste represented the United States in the first International Competition at Guča in 2010 is and featured in the documentary film Brasslands.
They are the founders and hosts of the Zlatne Uste Golden Festival www.goldenfest.org
The foremost presenters of traditional Balkan dance music in the US, Zlatne Uste’s repertoire spans the most important stops in the traditional music of the Balkans — Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romany (Gypsy) traditions.
“one of New York’s most celebrated trad-music outfits” Critic’s Pick – Time Out New York

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