Pittonkatonk began in May of 2014 following the legendary “Princess Parties” featuring What Cheer Brigade and May Day Marching Band. As those parties began welcoming more attendees we decided to move it to Schenley Park. The park is the perfect space because of its pavilion covering, playground, bathrooms, and kitchen. We hope you’ll join us in May. 

Co-Founder and Director Pete Spynda

Pete is known for creating Pittonkatonk, Weather Permitting Concert Series, and the Pandemic Dance Parties. His work is rooted in community activism and educational programming. Pete has produced shows for international artists including Los Wemblers, Tal National, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Boban Markovic, Femi Kuti, Mdou Moctar, Mokoomba, Balkan Beat Box, and hundreds more. 

Educational Instructor and Composer Ben Barson

Ben Barson of Afro Yaqui and University of Pittsburgh is studying for his Ph D in composition and ethnomusicology. Ben is also a co-founder of the Afro Yaqui Music Collective. He continues to work with the Sto-Rox High School providing students with individual lessons about maintaining their equipment, professionalism in the music world, tips on how to prepare for public performance, free improvisation, and creating outside performance opportunities.

Pittonkatonk wouldn’t be possible without the support of our volunteer staff that includes

Volunteer Coordinator – Stephanie Brea

Production Assistants – Nikita Beniaminov and Agniezska Sornek

Writer & Former Trasher – Jason Vrabel

Soundman – Steve Knots

Lead Trasher – Andy Rogers

Band Liaison – Jeni Davison

Potluck Managers – Dori Gardner & Brian Kruman

Cevap Chefs – Stephan Koledin & Rosemary Barton

Photographer/Video – Ray Gerard

Photography – Jae Roburto, Meltbot, Eric Cohen

Curatorial conspirators include Afro Yaqui Music Collective, May Day Marching Band, 1Hood, Herman Pearl, and more

Additional support by dozens of other folks who work to make this event in the park happen. The list is infinite. Samantha, Mo, Chris, Melissa, Nils, Elvira, NSR, Beaver, Tommy, Lenny, Camille, Natasha, Bill, Mike, Tara, Hayes, Calvin, Sophi, Nia, and so many many more