Pittonkatonk 2017 will be Saturday, May 6th at the Vietnam Veterans Pavilion in Schenley Park.

3 components make up Pittonkatonk

  1. Education Program (we have 2 running this year w/ Sto Rox High School and UPrep)
  2. Printonkatonk (partnership w/ Artists Image Resource in the Northside)
  3. May 6 event in Schenley Park
    • Its a Potluck so bring some food to share
    • Its family friendly so tell your friends
    • Pittonkatonk is volunteer run so email us to help out
    • Event is rain or shine
    • 8 touring bands and over 200 musicians to host. So if you have room we could use it.

Our mission is to promote music performance as a means of achieving positive personal, social, and political outcomes. To achieve this we create events that engender purposeful music making on a communal level, blurring the lines between performer and spectator, entertainment and activism. We work with adults and teens from Pittsburgh to create public performance opportunities designed to give a voice vulnerable people in our city.  Our goal is create a musical space for everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, class, or religion.